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Development, Marketing & Distribution of
Point of Care Devices in Nigeria

JB Diagnostiks in partnership with QDT Medical Laboratories based in Lagos have extensive knowledge and experience of marketing point of care devices in Nigeria

Abbott i-STAT Critical Point of Care Analyser

Abbott Point of Care’s i-STAT System is an advanced handheld and test cartridge blood analysis system that delivers lab-quality results. We, along with our marketing and distribution partner, QDT Medical Laboratories Limited, are the appointed distributor for the Abbott Point of Care products for the Nigerian market.

i-STAT Hand Held Point of Care  Analyser

Percentage of i-STAT Test Cartridges sold in Nigerian market 

i-stat Test Reagent Cartridges

EG7+ (Na, K, iCa, Hct, Hgb)

EG6+ (Na, K, Hct, Hgb, pH, PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, BE, sO2)

G3+ (pH, PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, BE, sO2)

EC8+ (Na, K, Cl, Anion Gap, Glu, BUN, Hct, Hgb, pH, PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, BE, sO2)

6+ (Na, K, Cl, Glu, BUN, Hct, Hgb)

EC4+  (Na, K, Glu, Hct, Hgb)

E3+  (Na, K, Hct, Hgb)

G (Glucose)


CG4+  (Lactate, pH, PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO2, BE, sO2)

ACT Celite

ACT Kaolin

CG8+ (Na, K, iCa, Glu, Hct, Hgb, pH, PCO2, TCO2, HCO3, BE)


Troponin (cTnl)

Chem 8  (Na, K, Cl, TCO2, Anion Gap, iCa, Glu, BUN, Crea, Hct, Hbg)




Point of Care

The Journal of Near-Patient Testing & Technology

A Survey of the Awareness, Knowledge, and Experience of Point-of-Care Devices of Doctors in Nigeria

Bolodeoku, John DPhil (Oxon), MBBS, MSc, MBA, FRCPath; Kuti, Modupe A. MBBS, FWCPath; Melichan, Brian MSc; Adebisi, Simeon A. MBBS, FWCPath

March 2016, Volume 15, Issue 1


Abstract: In a point-of-care test (POCT) survey carried out on 109 doctors in Nigeria, the top 3 parameters selected as important to be tested at point of care by more than 90% of the doctors were glucose (95.3%), potassium (92.5%), and hemoglobin (91.6%). Eighty-nine (82%) of the doctors had used a POCT device, with more than 40% of the them having used a device for glucose (71.6%), pregnancy testing (53.2%), urine chemistry (44%), and hemoglobin (43.1%). Less than 10% of the doctors had used a POCT device for cardiac enzymes (5.5%), drugs of abuse (4.6%), and lithium (1.8%). From a list of critical-care POCT devices consisting of traditional reusable systems (Bayer-Chiron, Radiometer-ABL, NOVA, IL-Synthesis), reusable cartridge-based systems (Radimeter-ABL70/77, IL-GEM Premier, Bayer-Rapidpoint 400), and single-use systems (Roche-AVL Opti, Abbott-i-STAT, Diametrics ITC IRMA), a total of 19 doctors (19.2%) had used the Abbott-i STAT; 6 (6.1%), the Roche-AVL Opti and the Nova; 4 (4.0%), the Bayer Chiron; 3 (3.0%), the Bayer Rapid Point 400; and 1 (1.0%), the Radiometer-ABL and the IL-GEM Premier, whereas none of the doctors had used the Radiometer-ABL 70/77, the IL-Synthesis, or the Diametrics ITC IRMA. For general POCT sampling, more than two-thirds (73%) of the doctors preferred the finger-prick sampling method.

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SMT-120 Chemistry Analyser 

We are pleased to be working with Seamaty to be able to offer the 

SMT-120 Point of Care Chemistry Analyser to the Nigerian market.

SMT-120 Analyser for Human and Veterinary Use
SMT-120 Chemistry Analyser Parameters

2in1 Glucose Meters

JB Diagnostiks is appointed by VPD (the manufacturers of the 2in1 Glucose Meter products) covering the Nigerian market in conjunction with QDT Medical Laboratories based in Lagos

The world's smallest blood glucose meter for your smart phone or tablet

The most simple and convenient solution for tracking and controlling blood glucose
1.  Plug the 2in1 SMART meter into your phone or tablet.
2.  Insert the test strip into the 2in1 SMART meter.
3.  Bring the tip of the test strip to lightly touch the drop of blood to apply the sample.
4.  The test result will appear on screen.

Piccolo Xpress Point of Care Analysers
Piccolo Xpress Point of Care Analyser

Diagnostic Pathology Consultancy Service

Providing Pharmaceutical Medicine & Diagnostic Pathology Consultancy Services, we have acted as a consultant in accessing diagnostic pathology services for the following institutions throughout Nigeria:

  • Delta State University Teaching Hospital
(Department of Pathology as Clinical Head of Pathology and Consultant Chemical Pathologist)
  • HSMC International (Supporting and Helping to Provide Healthcare Facilities at the Primary Care Level in Nigeria)
  •  VESTA Healthcare Partners Nigeria Limited (Nigerian Army Project)
  • Research Laboratory Diagnostic Services (UK)
(Cherwell Innovation Centre, 77 Heyford Park, Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire)
  • Research Laboratory Diagnostic Services (Nigeria)
(In collaboration with QDT Solutions Laboratory Nigeria, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Studies/Evaluations done in JB Consulting Research Laboratory and collaboration with Hospitals:

  • The performance of POC I-CHROMA™ assay method using the Randox Internal Quality Assessment Service
  • TSH
  • Ferritin
  • HCG
  • Cortisol
  • Testosterone
  • PSA
  • AFP
  • The precision performance of a novel quantitative I-CHROMA™ assay system using internal quality control
      material and pooled human serum
  • D-dimer
  • Troponin
  • HbA1c
  • Microalbumin
  • hsCRP
  • CRP
  • PCT
  • Evaluation of the novel i-CHROMA™ point of care testing method for the analysis of TSH in whole blood and
  • The performance of POC I-CHROMA™ assay method using the United Kingdom External Quality Assessment
     Service (UKNEQAS) an extended study (3 – 5 years)
  • PSA
  • Testosterone
  • The performance of POC I-CHROMA™ assay method using the United Kingdom External Quality
  • Evaluation of i-CHROMA point of care testing method for urine microalbumin with routine laboratory method
  • Evaluation of i-CHROMA point of care testing method for CRP with routine laboratory method